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27 unique Mother's Day gifts you can find at Uncommon Goods

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Soaps that smell like her favorite wines will elevate her..


If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

Soaps that smell like her favorite wines will elevate her morning routine. Uncommon Goods

  • Uncommon Goods is a unique curation of goods made by independent artisans around the world.
  • From handmade skin-care products to personalized photo gifts, here are some fresh ideas for Mom.
  • See all of our Mother's Day 2021 gift guides for all of the wonderful moms in your life.

You can always count on Mom, whether it's to be on the sidelines at your sports games, to make the best chicken noodle soup when life takes a turn for the worse, and to offer unconditional love and support through it all.

This Mother's Day, give Mom a gift that's as unique as she is (though it doesn't hurt to toss in a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate while you're at it). Uncommon Goods is one of our favorite places to shop for quirky, creative, one-of-a-kind goods from independent makers around the world. Whether her passions lie in fitness, hospitality, reading, gardening, or kicking back with her feet in the sand, you can be sure to find a gift she'll love.

Keep reading for 27 unique Mother's Day gifts you can find on Uncommon Goods

A fragrant candle inspired by her zodiac sign

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit, $34

Whether or not she's a big believer in astrology, she can't deny a few flowers for the windowsill.

A survival kit of soothing products to help her relax
lavender heating pillow

Calming Lavender Heat Pillow, $35

She's always putting everyone else first, so this Mother's Day she really deserves some "me time." You've put her through enough, and it's time you help her get some true rest and relaxation.

Commission a song just for her
song for mom

Made-to-Order Personalized Song, $100-$250

Commission a songwriter to compose a one-minute ($100) or three-minute ($250) just for her. You'll receive an MP3 audio file and a PDF, so you can choose to print it and/or even perform it for her yourself.

An outdoor-ready cheese-chilling board that also keeps the flies away
bug free cheeseboard

Chill and Serve Outdoor Cheeseboard, $85

This'll keep the cheese cold and the flies at bay out on the patio during hors d'oeuvres. Why didn't they think of this sooner?

Help her elevate her crudités and canapés
bottle topper serving set

Wine Bottle Topper Serving Set, $50

Whether it's cheese or crudités, this board will make anything shine. Pro tip: Serve appetizers on this for Mother's Day, and fill each bottle with freshly picked flowers.

Dolly Parton's songbook
dolly parton

Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics, $40

An original American idol if there ever were one, this book contains lyrics to 175 songs from the Queen of Country's catalog, spanning 60 years, and almost every bit as timeless as Mom herself.

An ode to a relic of a (soon-to-be) bygone era
thank you tote

Embroidered Thank You Tote, $38

One day, those old plastic shopping bags might find their way onto museum walls. Help her get a jumpstart.

A custom map serving tray of their favorite place
map serving tray

Custom Map Serving Tray, $65-$85

Her favorite town, her hometown, or a faraway place she's still longing to visit — you decide. This serving tray comes in different finishes and with or without a stand.

A set of wine-chilling coasters and glasses
wine chilling coasters

Wine-Chilling Coasters with Glasses — Set of 2, $42

Tell dad's whiskey stones to roll on over. This two-piece granite coaster and wine glass set will keep her glass chilled far better.

A roll-and-go canvas beach chair
beach chair

Neo-Lounger Portable Beach Chair, $70

Sure, Mom probably has a beach chair lying around, but the smart money has it that it's either bordering on impossible to carry, or facing its last seasons in this goodly frame. 

A sweet mug for your mama bear’s morning coffee

Mother's Love Mugs, $40

The only thing that'll make her morning coffee better is this adorable mug that reminds her of her cubs. 

A serving board to amp up her cheese plate presentation

Bamboo Lotus Serving Board, $48

Whether she's big on entertaining or just loves to treat herself to a Friday night cheese plate, this bamboo serving board has all the space she needs to make the perfect platter.

A set of moisturizing soaps that smell like her favorite wine

Wine Soaps, Set of 4, $30

She may like them best in a bottle, but these soaps have all the notes of her favorite red and white blends in a moisturizing bar she can use every day. 

A yoga mat that’ll guide her through her own freestyle flow

Instructional Cork Yoga Mat, $65

This anti-slip yoga mat has more than 100 stretches and yoga poses printed on it, so she can create her own flow with just a little guidance.

A set of handmade products for an at-home spa day

Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin, $32

You don't have to spend a fortune to gift mom a spa day. This set of handcrafted body products, including a cocoa butter bath truffle and a shea butter cream, is a simple way to give her a soothing spa experience from the comfort of her own home. 

A custom print that celebrates your unique family

Personalized Family Print, $75 - $150

Art is always a nice gift and this print, which can be personalized to represent all of the members of your family, is something she'll want to hang up right away.


An indoor garden she’ll love tending to year round

Smart Garden Grow Kit, $10-100

The only thing that could make Mom's home-cooked meals any better are fresh, hand-picked ingredients. This Smart Garden will help her grow fresh herbs all year round, with little maintenance, all from the convenience of her kitchen counter. 

A touch lamp that’ll let her know you’re thinking of her, even if you’re far away

Long Distance Friendship Lamp, $85 each

No matter the distance between you and her, you can both stay connected with these cute lamps. When you tap your own lamp, hers will light up too, and vice versa, so you can let her know you're thinking of her, even if you're miles away.

A cool gadget that’ll help her get some well-deserved sleep

Moon Beam Sleep Aid, $60

It can be hard to get a great night's rest, but we know Mom deserves it. Help her out with this device, which uses gentle pulsing lights to lull her to sleep.

A gadget that’ll zap away the germs on her smartphone

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer, $80 - $100

Our cell phones hold 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom — eek. If Mom's a germaphobe, she'll seriously appreciate this little gadget that'll zap all of those germs away. 

A delicate necklace she'll want to wear every day

Rough Diamond Necklace, $150

Unprocessed diamonds line a delicate gold chain for a look that's as stylish and unique as she is. 

A unique sampling of coffee beans sourced from all over the world

World Explorer's Coffee Sampler, $32

If she considers herself a coffee connoisseur, she'll love trying this sampler of single-origin beans from all over the world. While each sampler is different, she can expect four bags, each with one of the following flavor profiles: balanced, bold, classic, and fruity.

A set of cute and convenient travel bags for her next vacation

Women's Organizing Travel 4-pack, $48

If she's a big traveler or has a trip coming up, these cute bags make a really thoughtful gift, and will help her stay organized. 

A comfy and calming pillow that can be heated in the microwave

Calming Lavender Heat Pillow, $35

This calming weighted pillow is filled with barley and lavender. She can pop it in the microwave for two minutes, then cuddle up with the warm, lavender-scented pillow for some end-of-day relaxation. 

A set of small-batch honey creams in delectable flavors

Honey Spread Gift Set, $50

A set of small-batch honey spreads will definitely satisfy her sweet tooth. Flavors like molten lava chocolate and sticky buns make unique toppings for everything from pancakes to ice cream sundaes.


An old-fashioned reel viewer filled with her best takes

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer, $80 - $100

Our cell phones hold 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom — eek. If mom's constantly texting the family group chat, she will seriously appreciate this little gadget that'll zap all of those germs away. 

A small sculpture that’ll add some love to her desk, dresser, or table

Hand Heart Desktop Sculpture, $49

A nice piece of decor to liven up any room, this little sculpture is a daily reminder that she's loved. 

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