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The 10 best books for learning astrology, according to professional astrologers

Amazon; Alyssa Powell/InsiderAstrology is about so much more than your Sun sign.Understanding your birth chart, for example, can help you make career ..

  • Astrology is about so much more than your Sun sign.
  • Understanding your birth chart, for example, can help you make career or relationship decisions.
  • We rounded up 10 great astrology books recommended by astrologers.

Throughout centuries, astrology has been used to help us understand ourselves better. By looking towards the planets and cosmos, astrologers can gain key insights about a person, including personality traits, interests, and even hardships based on their birth chart (a map of what was happening in the sky when we were born). This knowledge can be extremely validating, and can even help us make big career decisions or know what kinds of relationships fulfill us the most.

For those who are interested in learning more about astrology, the plethora of books and resources out there can be overwhelming. I spoke to several astrologers to find their best recommendations for beginner to advanced books, from introductory guides to deep-dives into transits and birth chart compatibility.

10 great astrology books recommended by astrologers:




Beginner A practical guide for understanding all things astrology
1 Astrology books The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology

"The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology: Everything from Zodiac Signs to Prediction, Made Easy and Entertaining" by April Elliot Kent

Learning astrology can get complex quickly, but this book approaches the subject in a fun, casual style — as if you're chatting with a friend. "April delivers exactly what the title promises: the whole kitchen sink of astrology, in a conversational style that makes potentially confounding concepts crystal clear," says Elisabeth Grace, a consulting astrologer, writer, teacher, and conference speaker.

For example, the book addresses seemingly counterintuitive parts of astrology, like why horoscopes should southern planets above the horizon and northern planets below. "Thanks to April, I can now explain it in a few pithy sentences to a befuddled student," adds Grace.

A beginner, hands-on astrology workbook to help you practice
2 astrology books Astrology for Real Life Beginners

"Astrology for Real Life: A Workbook for Beginners (A No B.S. Guide for the Astro-Curious)" by Theresa Reed

This book breaks down astrology into an easily understandable format, with questions at the end of each section to apply what you've learned. It can be helpful to have a journal or notebook handy or jot down notes directly into the book.

This book comes recommended as a "thoroughly entertaining and fascinating guide to the language of astrology" by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, astrologers, creators of The Enchanted World, and co-authors of the bestselling astrology books "Astrology for Wellness" and "Mindful Astrology: Finding Peace of Mind According to Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign."

An astrology book that will help you finally understand Sun/Moon combinations
3 astrology books Heaven Knows What

"Heaven Knows What" by Grant Lewi

Weekly or monthly horoscopes often broadly focus on a person's Sun sign, but astrology is much more layered than that. This book focuses on all the possible 144 combinations of Sun and Moon signs, helping you understand how they work together."

The ability to synthesize the horoscope — to see all the parts as an integrated whole — is what skilled astrologers do that computer-generated reports simply can't," says Grace. Plus, if you've ever struggled to relate to your Sun sign description, this book will have a lot of answers.

A beginner book for reading and interpreting birth charts
4 astrology books Chart Interpretation Handbook

"Chart Interpretation Handbook: Guidelines for Understanding the Essentials of the Birth Chart" by Steven Arroyo

Once you have a grasp on astrology, you'll eventually want to be able to put all the pieces together and interpret your own birth chart (or the birth charts of your best friends/family/potential romantic partners).

Zerner and Farber recommend this handy, concise guide if "you already have some understanding of how real astrology works, and want to go deeper into the step-by-step process of reading a natal chart."

Intermediate An astrology book designed to help you find your destiny and life path
5 astrology books How to Co Create Using the Secret Language of the Unvierse

"How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe: Using Astrology for Your Empowerment" by Pam Gregory

For anyone pondering their purpose in life, this book can provide some insight by looking at the rulers of your Midheaven and north node in your birth chart — two specific points in your birth chart.

"[North nodes] refer to past lives and soul growth in this lifetime; [the ruler of your Midheaven] refers to your ideal career," says Grace. "What I love about this book is that it is a brilliant and concise reminder of how the world works, with specific guidance on how we can access our personal creative power," she adds.

A book dedicated to transits and planetary placements, such as Mercury Retrograde
6 astrology books Planets in Transit

"Planets in Transit" by Robert Hand

Transits are an important part of astrology — they refer to the current movements and placements of the planets and how they interact with your natal planets (aka, the locations of the planets in your birth chart).

"Whenever I see a pattern in a horoscope and I'm feeling stuck on how to relate its potential to my client's life experience, I'll reach for Hand's candid insights, which suggest potential rewards and challenges," says Grace. 

An in-depth guide on the astrological houses and house systems
7 astrology books The Houses Temples of the Sky

"Houses: Temples of the Sky" by Deborah Houlding

Astrologers each have their own way of reading charts. One key component of their unique style and interpretation is based on the house system they choose and use (it can stir up a lot of debate within the astrology community).

"I learned so much about how the meaning of the houses has evolved through history," says Grace. "Astrology has been around for thousands of years, and like all languages, evolves with the consciousness of the humans who use it." Grace recommends that astrology students familiarize themselves with all the house systems and then choose the system they prefer to use. 

A book about the oft-misunderstood Mercury Retrograde
8 astrology books A New Look at Mercury Retrograde

"A New Look at Mercury Retrograde" by Robert Wilkinson

Mercury Retrograde may get a bad rap, but this book explains everything about this misrepresented astrological event and how it correlates to your chart based on the sign and house it's in.

"There's no reason to freak out when Mercury — or any planet — is retrograde," says Grace. "There are plenty of productive things that can be done during these natural periods of rest and review." For instance, Grace uses coping strategies like meditations for each Sun sign and Ascendant sign, which this book can help you figure out.

Advanced A guide to understanding relationship compatibility using astrology
9 astrology books Planets in Composite

"Planets in Composite" by Robert Hand

Whether you're already dating and want to check your compatibility or simply curious about the most astrologically aligned potential partners for you, this book can provide valuable insight. It combines specific parts of each person's birth chart to generate a third chart focused on the relationship, "as if the relationship was a person with its own needs and purpose," says Grace.

"The composite chart offers insights on how a relationship actually functions, regardless of the attraction between the parties involved," she adds. 

A thorough book on figuring out your career goals
10 astrology books Vocations

"Vocations: the New Midheaven Extension Process" by Noel Tyl

Astrologers can gain a lot of information from looking at someone's birth chart, including the ideal jobs or career paths for someone's personality type. This book is a useful guide for helping people get on track with their goals and find a career that is actually fulfilling.

"When I prepare a horoscope for consultation, I rarely know what my new client does for a living," says Grace. "I use the techniques in this book to jot down the kind of career the horoscope suggests they need to pursue in order to be happy."

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